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Blood Kingdom
Blood Kingdom
Concept of the Blood Kingdom Symbol
Background Information
Type Monarchy
Location North & Eastern Highpass
Capital Kilfar
Founded/Built 1145PD
Ruler's Blood King
Other Information
Summary First faction of Vampires
Other Names Vampire Kingdom, Terrad's Kingdom
Inhabitants Highlanders, Vampires
Language Avarish
Lifespan 100 years
The Blood Kingdom was a faction of Highlander - Vampires which control the majority of what was the Highland Baronage's domain up to Nordenshire for over a century. The Blood King Terrad Draco ruled with an iron fist that favoured the Vampiric gift and exploitation of the peasantry.

History Edit

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Post Vampire War Edit

Following the end of the Vampire War with the Treaty of Norden, The Blood Kingdom sought to solidify it's new holdings of Mannabergshire & Dalkeithshire, aswell as making it important that the Blood Kingdom be reconfigured as a true governing power and not as a mere rebellion.

Second Necromancer War Edit

Within the Second Necromancer War

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Government Edit

The Government of the Blood Kingdom was that of a Monarchy, which was solely ruled by the position of the Blood King

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