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Concept of a Briari
Vital statistics
Affiliation Kingdom of Thorns, Elven Empire (Formerly), Kingdom of Stars
Age 14,000ER - Present Day
Aliases Thorn Elves, Wood Elves
Religion Eternal Prayer, Tewe Worship
Mount Horse, Night Stalker,
Leader King of Thorns, King of Stars, Grey Emperor (Formerly)
Intelligence 7
Height 4-6 ft
Environment Any but prefer dense woodlands or grasslands
Lifespan Biologically Immortal
Briari also known as Wood Elves are a race of the Elven species, they are denizens of the Woodlands of Nene, which is now refereed to as Lana Falls and are part of the Kingdom of Thorns.

History Edit

Origin Edit

It is believed that the Briari did not originally come from Nene, that they first originated from the jungle of Wild Terfall, and that due to the heavy presence of the Etrakc they crossed the great mountains and found their sanctuary within the Northern woodlands beyond them.