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Chaos War
Chaos War
Beginning: 1189PD
End: 1195PD
Outcome: -Chaos Horde defeated and sent back to Aftermath
-hospitality on Terfall Improved
-Angelica Tansis crowned Queen of Idara
-Veldan Dusk retook the Hahaskan Empire
-Lara Katanova retook the Kingdom of Stars
-Katarine Transfer agreed to have the Kingdom of Stars annex Highpass
Major Battles: -Second Battle of Helastar
-Sacking of Axon
-Siege of Arcka
-Battle of Thorgaard
-Battle of Clear Water
-Battle of Orrcen
-Battle of Idara
-Retaking of Idara
-Retaking of Kat Prime
-Retaking of Shakuma
-Retaking of Eskus
-Retaking of Scorn
-Kingdom of Stars
-Highland Baronage
-Hahaskan Empire
-Kingdom of Thorgaard
-Kingdom of Idara
-Dawn Repbulic
-Covenant of Shendow
-Orcish Kingdom
-Chaos Horde
-Lara Katanova
-Sendil Eilliwood
-Kyle Katanova
-Andrakeas Katanova
-Orule Katanova
-Kyle Katanova
-Katarine Transfer
-Jorn Herr
-Veldan Hahask
-Saamir Hakim
-Mergana Hakim
-Angelica Tansis
-Joseph Grimwarn
-Adrian Mendlarr
-Elaine Darksea
-Maia Darksea
-Tirith Katanova
-Maldrin Katanova
-Martin Tansis
-Jafar Hakim

 The Chaos War also known as the Terfallen War was a world war thought between the Chaos Horde and the majority of the factions on Terfall, primarily the Kingdom of Stars & Hahaskan Empire. The war was caused by the "rebirth" of Tirith and with the corruptible powers of the Chaos Shard corrupted scorn and forging a great portal to the hellish realm of Aftermath, bringing fourth the Chaos Horde.

 The Chaos War showed the ignorance of the major factions towards political matters and the dangers Xecienism can bring. The war dragged on for 5 years were luckily with the band together of the factions to join together to defeat the horde, they managed to break through into scorn and destroyed both the Hellfire King and the aftermath portal.

Events Edit

The objective of Tirith's grand strategy was to defeat every faction that opposed him as the sole god and faith on Terfall, this included the Kingdom of Stars, the Hahaskan Empire, the other Human, Elf & Orc factions. To do this, Tirith planned to capture and hold all the capitals of the factions and remove any resistance that stood in his way. To for fill this,the horde was split up into several war armies that spread out across the world, laying siege, conquering and pillaging all in there paths.

Kingdom of Stars Edit

The war began when the Kingdom of Stars lost the control over the province of Scorn. Upon Tirith's returned turned the majority of Hellien subjects, including his son Maldrin into Heretics, then forged the Aftermath Gates which brought force the bulk of the Chaos Horde's forces; the Hellspawn.

Consequences & Legacy Edit