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Concept of a Corrupted

Corrupted is the universal name applied to Mortals or Demonkin who have been transformed from what they were originally into something else, this process changing the original being's soul depending on the corruption in question. This has been done to either being enthrall the into being servitude against their original will or simply to spread a corruptive magic across the universe, either in Mortalia or infinia

Corrupted can come in countless variations as the untold numbers of both mortals and demons are known through the titan universe, however, the corruption magic is usually only from the most powerful magical users in the universe such as mortal mages, demonkin or even the gods themselves.

Catagories Edit

Within the realms of the universe, their exists at least four variations of a corrupted being who can exist as either a mortal, a god, or a demonkin, these are usually categorized as

Varients Edit

  • Accursed - beings who's spirit has been afflicted by a Perpetual Curse, staining it with dark magics.
  • Enthralled - beings who's spirits have been enthralled into the service of another being, ususally against their will.
  • Deranged - beings who's spirits and minds have been ravaged by magic, twisting them into something altogether different.
  • Undead - beings (specifically mortals) who's spirits have crossed the threshold of dead, only to be brought back into the living realm.

Cross Variants Edit

based on the uniqueness of each individual case of the corrupted variants, there has been known types of corrupted,

  • Enthralled Dead -
  • Deranged Dead -
  • Accursed Dead -


There are 4 main types of corrupted known in the Titan Universe, there could be many more individual corrupted that singular to their master and most a collection of them.


There are considered others types of beings in the universe that could be considered as a Corrupted, since they are under the influence of another being.