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Chrocials of Necromancy

Chronciles of Necromancy, Locked away in the Tower of Wisdom. Drawn by armandeo64

The Chronicles of Necromancy is a tome which documents the rituals and incantations of death energy. The book was notably used by Mardrake Transfer to resurrect an army of undead to destroy the Kingdom of Stars. The book also contains knowledge of Vampires and Reapers.


The Chronicles of Necromancy was written by a travelling Orc Mage named Balgarath pre-Darkening, He wanted the document working of his orc brethren in ways unknown to them, since Necromancy was new to them, they simply started with summoning simple undead minions and followers. wielding simple spells of death energy. But Balgarath saw more potential in this new form of magic. Being skilled in the ways in the "Eternal Tongue", he wrote down experiments in his book using ancient words to create very powerful and dangerous spells like the Necromantic Army "Soul Reap" and "Reaping Blast", aswell as advanced spells to summon a Death Guardian to aid the summoner. Balgarath's work was instrumental to the workings of Necromancy.


Balgarath died during the Darkening due to the Elven Riots. His book was lost in the old elven city swept by sands for hundreds of years. The other orcs could never find Balgarath or his book.

Human DiscoveryEdit

The book was found 200 years later by the Shakuma, however not wanting to know its content, they sent it away to be kept safe in the Tower of Wisdom in the Kingdom of Stars