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Concept of an Angel about to slay a Hellic

Demonkin are beings composed of magic who are the children of a God and they dwell within the many forms of the Realm of Magic. They usually fulfill their creator's wishes, sharing both their ideals and ambitions, however they are not clones, they bare there own unique personality's and emotions which reflect the Sentient Mortals of the Mortal Realm. Any God can create their own Demonkin however not all do, as it requires a part of their own magic to maintain them, it does drain the gods power to have them and some prefer to use Sentient Mortals in matters that would make them out to be Demonkin, for example the Reapers of Theda are still Sentient mortals however there power can be said to be that of a Demonkin to him.



Sentient Mortal MentionsEdit

These types listed below are not classed as demonkin directly, however they have the power and the roles of their patriach gods or goddesses who could be considered the children of those gods in one form or another.

  • Reapers - The taskmasters of the dead who fulfil the role of Theda; the God of Death
  • Vampires - The blood fanatics of Far'rince; the Goddess of Blood
  • Witches - the curse mistresses of Mystara; the Goddess of Secrets


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