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Highland Vampire War
Vampire Highland War
Beginning: 1157PD
End: 1160PD
Outcome: -Highland Baronage defeated and fractured
-Blood Kingdom claiming the majority of Highpass
-Mardrake Transfer descent into evil

-loss of the Berne Clan & Carner Clan

Major Battles: -First Vampire Battle
-Siege of Dalkeith
-Second Vampire Battle
-Siege of Mannaberg
-Blood Kingdom -Highland Baronage
-Terrad Draco
- Darius Draco
-Bruce Baer
- Sean Berne,
-Fiona Carner

The Highland Vampire War more commonly known as the Vampire War was a conflict between the Highland Baronage and the newly formed Blood Kingdom which came to power through the corruption of Highland Baron Terrad Von Draco of Kilfarshire

The Vampire War proved the ferocity of Vampires and the disadvantage of the Highlander's government, they the baronage was ultimately defeated during the conflict. The blood kingdom reigned supreme across almost all of Highpass, only Nordenshire stood defiant of their dominion.

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