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Jorn Herr
Jorn Herr
Concept of Jorn Herr as Mardrake's Apprentice
Vital statistics
Species/Race Human, Presumed Lanien
Affiliation United Kingdoms of Stars (Formerly), Cult of Skulls (Formerly), Highland Baronage
Origin Unknown, Found as an origin in the outskirts of Horroville
Date of Birth - Death 1148PD
Relations Unknown, - Kristin Baer (Spouse), Ericka Baer (daughter), William Baer (Son)
Aliases Guardsman of Horroville (Formerly), Unholy Apprentice, Saviour of the Damned
Class Katanovian Swordsman, Necromancer
Nature Neutral Good

Jorn Herr was presumed a Lanien who served as a Swordsmen charged with the protection of the Township of Horroville. A high reclusive figured who was bullied and aggravated for much of his early life, due to him being an orphaned child of the settlement and his apparent 'gift' to be able to consume with spirits. Jorn defended horroville during several Briari, Goblin, Rattack and Yifford attacks until the catastrophic event known as the Horroville Massacre were the Cult of Skulls unleashed a powerful curse across the city which left it as a ghostly husk.

Jorn was one of the phew people to survive the attack. He was captured and taken before the elite of the Cult of Skulls who wanted to know how this being survived the magicial attack that swept Horroville, It was then that the cult's leader; Mardrake Baer found out about the Massacre, he quickly took Jorn up as his apprentice to protect him from the more cynical members of his cult. Jorn became closely loyal to his new master, who taught him the ways to make use of his old 'gifts' and became a adept in the ways of Necromancy. Jorn survived the final fate of the cult by fleeing to Horroville, with his master's book in hand.

Jorn later became a key figure in the resistance against the Blood Kingdom in which they were finally broken and fled, he then married Kristin Baer, another resistance fighter from the Cult of Skulls who was also a legitimate heir to the Baronship of Norden. together they gave birth to Ericka & William Baer, He died during the assault to retake Wilmburgh from the Chaos Horde.

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