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Concept of Kata
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Elven Empire (Formerly), Kingdom of Stars
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Date of Birth - Death 24ER
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Aliases The Brave, founder of leadership
Class Warrior
Nature Neutral Good

Kata later known as Kata the Brave was one of the five founders who led the early Katanovians into forming the Kingdom of Stars.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

It is unclear the full extent of Kata's history before becoming a leader for the freed Avari who rebelled against the collapsing Elven Empire. What is known about him is that he was born into slavery under the thumb of the Gelldir. He was likely transported to Hald'riss were he either laboured as a miner, builder or lumberjack.

Some time during the age of 10 and 20, Kata met and be-friended another fellow founder Lana who's father, an unnamed figure taught the what he knew about swordplay. Kata sooned with the knowledge he grasped with the help of Lana managed to gain the attention of the rest of Avari enslaved within Hall'riss. They made him their leader where Kata planned towards the day that he, and the rest of his people would revolt against the elves and win their freedom.

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