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Kingdom of Idara
Idara Flag
Concept of the Kingdom of Idara's Flag
Background Information
Type Kingdom
Location Idara, Wild Terfall coastline
Capital Lornvale
Founded/Built After the Idara Conflict
Ruler's King of Idara
Other Information
Summary Kingdom of the Idaran, enemy of the Drakari, ally of the Kingdom of Stars
Other Names Southern Kingdom
Inhabitants Idaran, Katanovian, Goblin, Orc, Etrakc, Dwarf
Language Common
Lifespan Present day
Idara Kingdom

Liam "the Red" Tansis, First King of Idara

The Kingdom of Idara is a kingdom on Terfall belonging to the unified Humans of the continent of Idara, more commonly referred to as Idarans.

It domain's over the continental island of Idara and coastline of Wild Terfall and has been a influential power in the politics landscape since the Darkening.



The Kingdom of Idara was formed during the first Drakari - Idaran Conflict way back in 50PD, following the breakout of the Avari Slaves under Drakari rule on the island.

The Idara Kingdom was first founded by Liam the Red, after his victory with the Templars against the Drakari of the Black Covenant. Liam and many of his friends and soldiers forged the foundations that would later become the Idara Kingdom. After Liam died of old age. His son Regard Tansis was crowned King of Idara. As has every other ruling to hail from the Golden Island.