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Kingdom of Thorgaard
Kingdom of Thorgaard
Concept of the Kingdom of Thorgaard's Flag
Background Information
Type Kingdom
Location Eastern Uthway,
Capital Fairford
Founded/Built Sometime after the Njordsir arrived on Uthway
Ruler's King of Thorgaard
Other Information
Summary Kingdom of the Njordsir, enemy of the Winterscared, later ally to the Kingdom of Stars
Other Names Viking Land, Viking Kingdom
Inhabitants Njordsir, Uthwayien, Walrussian
Language Common
Lifespan Present day

The Kingdom of Thorgaard is a kingdom on Terfall belonging to the Njordsir. It domain's over the eastern coast and tundra of the province Uthway and is one of the more powerfuller factions in the land rivaled by that of the Kingdom of Stars and the Hahaskan Empire.



Concept of Holnir, first King of Thorgaard

The Kingdom of Thorgaard was founded after the final verdict of the njordsir chieftains after being forced to leave Highpass, where they came to Uthway.


The Kingdom of Thorgaard where renouned for their use in close combat effective fighters, branding heavy axes, round shields and round helmets sometimes brandish with horns. They are the greatest fighting force known on Terfall which can be contested over by the Orcs.

Types of Military units used by the Njordsir consisted of

  • Njordsir Warriors - Front line fighting force with swords, axes, shields and a whole other assortment of weaponry at their dispossal.
  • Njordsir Spearman - Like the Warrior expect brandish sharpened wood poles used to brace against cavalry charges.
  • Njordsir Archer - Rangers with less armour but wielding effective longbows to use as surpressing behind the fighters.
  • Njordsir Chosen - The Veterans of the Warriors and Spearmen, Chosen are commanders and chieftains alike taken up arms.
  • Njordsir Wolf Riders - These brave warriors managed to tame a dire wolf and are able to ride upon them, giving the Njordsir deadly cavalry.