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Kithrail Yalemarch
Concept of Kithrail
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Kingdom of Stars, (Alliance of the Princesses)
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Date of Birth - Death 1153PD
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Aliases Half Elf of Ritegarde, Ranger of Katanova, Hero of the Princesses
Class Katanovian Ranger
Nature Lawful Good
Kithrail Yalemarch is a Half Elf lanien-Briari who served as a Ranger for the Kingdom of Stars, serving alongside his childhood friend Kaileth Worthyright. Kithrail played a key role in the War for Katanova were he successfully defended Lanastar from the Hellien assault, beat back the invaders of Lunastar and pushed the forces of the princes back to their stronghold of Helastar.

He was also one of the few sent into the chamber of Mount Hela to bring out rebellion leader prince Tirith Katanova, Kithrail however did not survive the fight against the crazed wizard. Despite this, Kithrail was awarded the honourary title of "Hero of the Princesses's" and with his death, the re-united Kingdom of Stars called for a ceasefire between his half kinsmen the Kingdom of Thorns. Kithrail's body was never recovered, however his secondary bow was buried in the ritegarde cemetery.

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  • Kithrail along withKaileth Worthyright where the first characters developed by KingKatanova
  • Kithrail was oringally ment to be based from a mongolien warrior, wielding a bow, but this was altered after RoK as KingKatanova wanted a person who was both sides of a conflict. His mongolien self was used for Plainsmen

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