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Kristin Baer
Concept of Kristin Baer as a Lich
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Highland Baronage, Kingdom of Stars (Formerly), Cult of Skulls (Formerly)
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Date of Birth - Death 1146PD - Unknown
Relations Bruce Baer (Father), Mardrake Transfer (Uncle), Arnold Baer (Grandfather), Jorn Herr (Husband), Erica Baer (Daughter)
Aliases Highland Baroness of Norden
Class Highlander Ranger (Formerly), Necromancer
Nature Neutral Good

Katarine Transfer is a Highlander Ranger turned Necromantress who became a Reaperling after an experiment by Uwen Lichen went wrong. A member of the Transfer Family, daughter of Bruticus Transfer. Katarine became the bane of the Blood Kingdom and Terrad Draco's plans when she retook Norden and reformed the Highland Baronship.

She contiuned to govern Norden after the breakup of the Blood Kingdom and the return of her Mortality by Mardrake Transfer, she married Jorn Herr and with him had a daughter; Erica Herr. Katarine was present in the Chaos War leading the Highlanders against the Chaos Horde trying to conquere highpass, losing jorn in the process.

When the Chaos war was over with the many seperated forces of terfall being triumphant, Katarine took the propsition suggested by Queen Lara Katanova of the Kingdom of Stars in annexing Highpass to the kingdom, she was reinstated as the Earl of Highpass and given a seat within the King's Council.


Katarine Transfer was born in the Kingdom of Stars Capital Kat Prime.
Katarine Transfer Before undeath

Concept of Katarine Transfer, Before she became a Reaperling


Titan Land Rise of KingdomsEdit

Katarine was developed on a unfinished verison of Titan Land Rise of Kingdoms that KingKatanova developed after creating Titan Land Fall of Kingdoms. Originally she was going to appear with a skeleton scorpion pet named Kerran, however this was scrapped. She her true design drawn by KingKatanova was inspired by her custom model she used in both Rise of Kingdoms and Kingdoms of Terfall.

Titan Land Kingdoms of TerfallEdit

Katarine Transfer appeared in the very first edition of Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall beta and all predecessors. She is one of the playable heroes in the Cult of Skulls faction and originally used the same model she was developed in from Titan land rise of kingdoms. It was one of the only anime styled models used on the game however it was eventually scrapped for a undead jaina model. Her playstyle was that of a female varient of her uncle Mardrake Transfer. however because she was trying to save her people she was given battle cries and human defender spells.