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Kyle Katanova
Kyle Katanova
Concept of Kyle Katanova
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Kingdom of Stars, Templar Brotherhood (Formerly)
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Date of Birth - Death 171PD
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Aliases Prince of Katastar, Hammer of Freedom, King of Stars
Class Templar Paladin,
Nature Neutral Good
Kyle Katanova is a Katien Paladin who became the 5th King of Stars A member of the Katanova Family, son of Lara Katanova. Kyle was one of the key leaders of the terfallen resistance in the Chaos War, who lead the very armies of justice against the forces of evil at the gates of Helastar and with his hammer; Righteous in hand, shattered the keys of the Aftermath Gates, breaking the chaos reinforcements.

Unlike many of the other royals of the Katanova Family, Kyle was raised away from the privileges of nobility in the confines of the Templar Brotherhood. This strict upbringing taught him selflessness, bravery and faith in the goddess Celestris.

Biography Edit

Kyle Katanova was born in the silver palace with his mother queen Lara Katanova. Many subjects of the Kingdoms of Stars questioned who Kyle's father is, as Lara hadn't married before or after the War for Katanova. Kyle did not remain in Lara's care for to long for agents from the Templar Brotherhood came to collect the young prince. The reason behind this act was that, during the War of Bones 6 years prior to Kyle's birth, his grandfather king Andrew Katanova had made an agreement with the Templars that if they would offer their soldiers in the war, that Andrew would offer the first born of

Templar Upbringing Edit

Chaos War Edit

Kyle Katanova Paladin

Concept of Kyle Katanova as a fully fledged Templar Paladin.


Aftermath of the Chaos War Edit


  • Kyle is also the first name of his designer and creator, King_Katanova.
  • Originally designed in Fall of Kingdoms as the son of Lara Katanova with an unknown father; who everyone quessed was Kaileth Worthyright
  • The concept of him being a templar paladin was not thought of until the use of the arthas with hammer model used on him, he needed a purpose to use a hammer over a sword.