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Maia Darksea
Maia Darksea
Concept of Maia Darksea, Drawn by KingKatanova
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Kingdom of Stars (Formerly), Renegades
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Date of Birth - Death 148PD
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Aliases Captain in the Starlet Navy, Captain of the Ebony Sword
Class Captain, Pirate
Nature Chaotic Good
Maia Darksea later known as Maia Crow was a Omenien Captain who after being imprisoned under the charge of Piracy by her adopted father Lend Daggard, became a renegade to seek revenge against him and his supporters. After she kill Lend Daggard in the Battle of Kraken's Bane, she married John Crow and with him formed the foundations that would lead her only son Christopher Crow forming the Kingdom of Renegades.



Maia was born in Omenastar in 148PD, that 2 weeks later she was bound on a ship heading towards Katastar with her mother and father. However the ship was set upon by another ship, outmatched and overwhelmed, the ship was lost, Maia was said to be the only suriving were she was found and rescued by an onprouching ship seeking surviors of the wreck, led by captain Lend Daggard. Maia was taken to Katastar and was adopted by lend, raised to be his daughter.

Adolescence Edit

Maia grew up within Lend's manor house, under times when her father was called to service at sea. Lend did tell Maia of her unfortunate circumstances to her true parents, that lend was their friend wishes the best for their only daughter, which is why also that maia kept her real father's last name. Maia admired lend and wanted to follow him at sea and to one day command a ship of her own and sail the high seas to find her own path.

First Ship Edit

Maia began training in the Star Navy whilst following advice by her father. It didnt take long for her to suceed and even go as far as being successful in becoming a fully fledge ship's captain. As a gift for her training, Lend gifted Maia with her very first ship,