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Theda New
Concept of Theda to Mortalkind
Vital statistics
Species/Race God, Titanborn
Affiliation Eternal Ones
Origin Titan's Palace, Infinia
Date of Birth - Death Birth of the Realms (Unknown)
Relations Celestris (Sibling), Xecien, (Sibling), Tewe (Sibling), Anarok (Sibling)
Aliases Grim Reaper, The Final Visitor, etc
Class God
Nature True Neutral
The God of Death who has countless names within the Titan Universe but for the sack of clarity he's known within the Terfalleon Pantheon as Theda, is a Titanborn God who encompasses the enigma of death and he is the caretaker of the different interpretations of the afterlife for Mortalkind. One of the most known godly figures alongside Celestris & Xecien, Theda is one of the primary pillars of the Eternal Ones and keeps to this promise by never interfering directly with mortals outside of his duties to maintain their afterlife, most of his work is done through his demonkin known as the reapers.

However, despite his standing within the Eternal Ones, he often crosses lines many time to work with his far flung siblings in the Aspiral Kings & even the more ambitious mortalborn Gods.