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Tirith Katanova
Tirith Katanova Heretic
Tirith Katanova after becoming the "Hellfire King"
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Kingdom of Stars(formally), Rebellion of the Princes Chaos Horde
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Date of Birth - Death 1147PD
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Aliases Prince of Scorn, The Fallen Prince, Hellfire King
Class Pyromancer, Swordsman
Nature Chaotic Evil (formally Chaotic Good)

Tirith Katanova also known as Tirith the Hellfire King was a Katien prince and lord of Helastar during the reign of his father Andrew Katanova. A talented pyromancer & strategist, Tirith was to be a great asset to the Kingdom of Stars foreign policy however he eventually succumbed to the whispers of the Chaos Shard which would later be known as Tirith's Bane.

He commissioned the assassination of Andrew and made it so that it looked like he died in his sleep due to his age, he then broke apart from the Kingdom of Stars with his elder brother Orule Katanova and formed the Rebellion of the Princes, beginning the War for Katanova. He eventually was defeated in that war by Kaileth Worthyright and was presumed dead when he fell into the molten lava within the core of Mount Hela.

He survived however, taking 18 years to resurface were he had fully embraced the chaotic power of the Chaos Shard, he quickly corrupted his former lands and summoned the Chaos Horde onto Terfall, calling himself as "The Hellfire King" and beginning the First Chaos War of Terfall.

He finally was defeated again and this time was truly killed by Kaileth Worthyright when he sacrificed his own life to save the life of his son Kyle Katanova in the Helastar Castle.


Tirith Katanova was born in Kat Prime during the reign of his father Andrew Katanova, he was cared for by his mother Ceyna Katanova until the age of 2 when his younger sister Lara Katanova was born and that Ceyna Died shortly afterwards

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