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Titan land Fall of Kingdoms v 1.0 Map

Titan Land Fall of Kingdoms 12 player Titan Land game developed for Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, Titan Land Fall of Kingdoms followed on from its predecessor of the popular Titan Land Rise of Kingdoms . Fall of Kingdoms however was a let down in terms of errors and play but did spawn many of the stories that merged into the KoT Lore for its sucessor Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall.


Titan Land Fall of Kingdoms was the playout of the Chaos War , a devastating timeline in Terfall between 189PD and 197PD. The map was made to reflection of that time, both in colour and atmosphere.


The map was changed both in shape and colour. From its predecesser Titan Land Rise of Kingdoms some of its places still remains like Kat Prime, Lana Falls, Uthway, Scorn and Cavern Isles. The new map centered around Mount Hela and showing Scorn being the main vocal point within the. Due to the lore being that Scorn was the main power and spawning point of the Chaos Horde. due to the shift in direction of the map with some new areas being created. These areas included several different islands, the Great Plains and Highland Pass. The map was also redone in terms of its cliff sizes. 

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